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When you have curl hair straightener and want sleek, straight hair, it is a good idea to grab your hair iron. This versatile tool can be used to style your hair in many ways. Today’s hairstyles are all about different types of curls and waves, from beach waves to full-length curls. You can get all of these looks with your flatiron! This is why it’s time to learn how curl your hair with a flat iron, and how to achieve your favorite styles! 

Curl Hair Straightener tips;

  1. Always Start with a Heat Protector. To protect your hair from heat damage, you should use a thermal styling product. Michael Albor uses a light-hold, shine-enhancing thermal styling spray. Michael advises that you spray the thermal protector all the way down the hair shaft. “Especially the ends,” Michael says. “These are the most porous parts of the hair and require the most protection.
  2. Keep Moving. The key to mastering flat iron curls is to not stop while you are working on the hair section. Michael advises that you keep the straightener in motion to avoid burning the hair
  3. Start at Eye Level. Modern beach waves start a few inches below the top of the hair. Therefore, when curling with a straightener, place the iron at the eye level. Michael suggests that you smoothen the first three inches of your hair before curling.
  4. Omit the Ends. For a trendy, lazy look, curl your hair straight at the ends. Michael says that for a beach-like texture, focus your hair’s texture on the midshafts.
  5. Consider Curl Direction. Dilek suggests that you can direct your curls away from your face if you want more structure. Alternate directions to create a natural, more unstructured curl: one inward, one outside, etc
  6. Smooth, Then Wave. Use your straightener to first smooth your hair. Then, go back and create the desired look. Michelle says that you can’t straighten curly hair and then go straight into it. This is especially important if you want that modern, loose look.
  7. Prep Your Upstyles. If you want to style your hair, curl it with a straightener. Flat irons will create the natural, effortless look that is perfect for special occasions.


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